As a photographer, I know how well good photographs can preserve memories. In fact, I often rummage through my own images to re-live happy moments in my life and some have been framed and adorn my walls.

Of course my family is used to seeing my work so this year, for my dad's birthday, I decided to do something a bit different and commission an artist I admired to create a digital painting of my dad, based on a photo I’d taken earlier this year. The artist did an amazing job and my dad was thrilled with his original and very personal gift. In fact, my mum and nephews were so jealous that I ended up commissioning their paintings too! You can see my dad's below by the artist Monika. I will be getting them made into canvases for Christmas gifts.

My point is that in these difficult times of lockdowns and fear people crave to stay connected with family and friends or to cheer themselves up, so having a photo made into a beautiful or fun work of art by a professional artist can be part of the solution.

Digital paintings for a family member, friend or yourself can have many great uses including:

  • Gift for a milestone event such as a birthday, anniversary, graduation, retirement
  • Gift for a seasonal event like Christmas or Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day
  • New profile image for websites and social media

After the success of my dad’s gift I decided to collaborate with a selected of artists I admire, including some good friends, to offer you the chance to get the photo of your choice (especially any I took of you!) transformed into a digital painting for an amazing price.

Your digital painting will be created by one of my professional artists based on your chosen image.

Here’s how you can order your original digital painting…

STEP 1: Choose your artist
Click on each artist below to see more examples of their work.

STEP 2: Order your digital painting
From the page of your preferred artist, click ‘Buy’ underneath any image. Don't worry, you're not buying that specific image. You will have the chance to provide your photo.

From the 'SHOP' choose the type of image you want, eg. Head only B&W or Full body color. Now click, 'GO TO CART' or 'VISIT CART'.
Here you will see the product details. Click 'ADD INSTRUCTIONS' if you would like to request anything specific about your image, eg. make the eyes green. Then click 'SAVE' followed by 'PROCEED TO CHECKOUT'. Next click 'CHECKOUT AS GUEST' and enter your information. CONFIRM your order and then you will see a receipt which you may wish to PRINT.

STEP 3: Upload your image
Go to the inbox of the email you provided during checkout and follow instructions to provide your image.

You will be notified via email when your image is ready, typically less than 7 days. Click the link in the email and you will be able to download your image.

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact me…
  • Contact Page:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Instagram: @radical_snaps
MONIKA ($59.99)SPACE DRAWS (from $49.99)ELI ARNAU (from $199.99)NAOMI (from $29.99)ANNA (from $29.99)ART THINGS (from $39.99)MARK (from $24.99)REL ART (from $29.99)ARIF (from $39.99)