Epic Photoshoot on The Queen Mary Ocean Liner

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This was one of my most epic shoots and plaudits must go to presenter/actor/model Caitlin Patricia Weiler for making it happen. She had booked a commercial modeling job on the historic ocean liner The Queen Mary and during her downtime the owners kindly gave us permission to conduct an editorial shoot on the ship. We only had 24hrs to pull this off but we absolutely couldn't let this incredible opportunity slip by so we raced to prep equipment, wardrobe etc. I mean how often do you get to shoot on a legendary ocean liner from the 30's?!?! - I mean it's bigger than Titanic!

Caitlin gathered together some perfect vintage outfits for the occasion and together with my usual equipment (see below) we were able to create some of our most eye-catching pics ever!

See how I used a variety of settings, features, and techniques to capture multiple looks in changing light at this very unique and memorable setting.

A big thank you to Caitlin....

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Black and white: Love Fire 
Shoes: Merona

Blue gown: Foxiedox
Shoes: Vince Canuto

Red dress: reformation
Shoes: Chinese laundry

Camera - Canon EOS 5D mark3
Video - Canon EOS 60D
Lens #1 - Canon 85mm F1.8
Lens #2 - Canon 24-70mm F2.8
Flash - Canon 600EX-RT and 430EXII speedlites

Photography - I used Photoshop CS6 for enhancements, eg. to add vignettes, refine exposure/contrast/saturation
Video - I used iMovie on my iMac

Intro music - Saving the World by Aaron Kenny from Google Free Music Library
Piano piece - Inspirational Cinematic Ambient by AShamaluev Music https://soundcloud.com/ashamaluevmusic

*I'm not sponsored and I don't receive compensation from any of the companies listed above (I wish I was!)


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