Groovy Rollerskating Photoshoot with Kellllllllllls!

December 28, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome to my grooviest photoshoot ever! 

In this vlog I get to shoot with Kellllllllllls (11 letter 'L's), a passionate roller skater and a leading figure in the Venice Beach roller skating scene. Her talents are now inspiring the world to lace up their boots after her posts on TikTok exploded, garnering as many as 10million views per post and the attention of the world's media. What I find particularly mind blowing is that she has only be skating for 3 years!

This shoot was a blast from beginning to end and I've tried to reflect this with a more fun approach to the editing than prior vlogs. I would love to hear what you think of this more laid back style.

We really want to hear from you about this shoot! Are you new to rollerskating? Are you inspired to start again? Do you have any fun anecdotes? Or, are you a photographer who would like to shoot more action portraits? Drop a comment below!

A big thank you to Kels for making this my grooviest shoot ever!

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