Superhero Cosplay Photoshoot - Part 2

December 01, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

In this fun vlog (the second of two parts), I collaborate with local cosplayer Nikki Moxxi to bring another one of her favorite superhero characters to life, New 52 Supergirl. If you haven't already seen it, check out Part One featuring Nikki cosplaying Mary Jane as Spiderman... Superhero Cosplay Photoshoot - Part 1

Our heroic shoot continues with Nikki transforming from her Mary Jane as Spiderman to Supergirl. We find new locations and try 3 awesome techniques that you might like to try....
1) Levitation - we freeze leaps to give the appearance of flight
2) Cloning - we combine multiple exposures on one image
3) Cinemagraph - we isolate movement to create a cool effect

All three techniques are pretty easy to do and you don't need fancy equipment. When combined with Nikki's superhero characters it makes for brilliant eye-catching results. I would love to get your feedback on each of them.

A big thank you to Nikki for being an absolute pro with her extensive preparation, turning up super early, committing to quality results, and sharing her passion.

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Camera #1 - Canon 5D markiii
Camera #2 - Canon 60D
Camera #3 - Apple iPhone 11
Lens #1 - Canon 85mm F1.8
Lens #2 - Canon 10-22mm F4.5
Flash - Canon 600EX and Canon 430EXII speedlites
Gimball - Smove

Photography - I used Photoshop CS6 for enhancements, eg. to add vignettes, refine exposure/contrast/saturation, and to create the cinemagraph
Video - I used iMovie on my iMac

*I'm not sponsored and I don't receive compensation from any of the companies listed above (I wish I was!)


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