Taking my dance photography up to the next level!

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In this vlog I get to shoot with Yesenia Adame, an aerial artist (aka aerialist) here in Los Angeles, California.

Aerial Art is dance or acrobatic movement performed while suspended in the air. It's also a fun, unique, and effective workout, or so I'm told since I didn't try it myself. LOL. Aerialists are known for their upper body and core strength as well as flexibility, control, and grace. Besides the obvious physical aspects, Aerial Art is a great way to express yourself and explore your more creative side while flying in the air. It also works on a cerebral level since it can be an intimidating activity, often requiring the artist to overcome fear. This is something I discuss with Yesenia in the video. [see below for how to learn more about getting started with aerial arts]

I shoot a lot of dancers but this was my first time photographing aerial arts and it was an extremely rewarding experience that I highly recommend to other photographers. That said it didn't come without some challenges. including: 1) Light - due to schedules we had to start around midday when the light was very harsh and the sun was positioned over the ocean. Early morning sun would have bathed Yesenia in softer golden light as she swung out over the ocean. But by the time we started Yesenia was in shadow and I had to use 2 speedlites to balance out the bright background. Even with that I still had to do significant work in post to lift the shadows and reduce the highlights. This explains why some of the pics have a bit of a HDR look about them. I'm not a fan of HDR. 2) Composition - We scouted the area for the best combination of epic unobstructed ocean views framed by palm trees but it's not really until you set up the rig and hang from the apparatus that you get a true sense for how everything will look. In fact, we had to move the entire rig a couple of times to optimize the composition with respect to the surroundings and sun position. 3) People/Animals - With this being such a stunning public setting it attracts a lot of people and during our visit they were out in force. It wasn't a big deal and we just waited our turn to take advantage of the space.

A big thank you to Yesenia's husband Zach for helping out with the hand held flash, Kaylee for providing her aerial arts expertise, and Kaylee's partner for assembling the rig.

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